Welcome to MAGIS Europe 2021!

Welcome to MAGIS Europe 2021!

MAGIS - for some an already well-known quality brand, for everyone else something unknown.

So, let’s just assume you belong to the second group of people. First question to ask yourself: am I still free from August 7 to 15, 2021? If yes, get up and rejoice, then continue reading. If no, still continue reading and then try and free yourself of everything that is still standing between you and a once-in-a-lifetime experience at MAGIS Europe 2021.

Organized by the Hungarian Jesuits (with the help of other Jesuits and sisters from several Ignatian congregations) MAGIS is a summer program for everyone between 18 and 35 who wants to have an extraordinarily great time with people from all over Europe (sometimes other continents too) and of course, with God!

Photo by Hegedüs Márton

Based on Ignatian spirituality, the MAGIS event has two parts: Ignatian experiments and the closing event. Everything you do during MAGIS is designed to help you grow spiritually and as a human being (while having lots of fun, of course). During the experiments you will be encouraged to experience yourself in a new way: you’ll find yourself in unusual situations, maybe requiring you to go beyond your comfort zone. You’ll probably realize that teamwork is essential while making friends with people from many different countries and discovering that we all belong to one international community of human beings.

The experiments (August 7-13) will take place in Hungary and in the neighboring Slovakia. Everyone will participate in one of the 12 experiments which can be roughly grouped into the following categories: pilgrimage, spirituality, service, arts, culture and ecology. For the closing event (August 13-15) in Miskolc (Hungary), all participants from all experiments will gather and celebrate LIFE - our Living God - together.

The central theme of MAGIS 2021 will be the conversion of Saint Ignatius: “To see all things new in Christ”. The year 2021 is the 500th anniversary of his conversion: his transformation from a noble knight at the siege of Pamplona to a humble pilgrim, the companion of Jesus.

The MAGIS event is also inspired by the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary, and also from the first of the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Society of Jesus: „To show the way to God”. Throughout the meeting we would like to discover the Eucharistic aspect of the Ignatian spirituality in depth.

Congratulations, you made it through this text. :-) So you will not be shocked to read that the event will be held entirely in English and that you need a sufficiently high level of English in order to fully enjoy MAGIS. So, get your diary and mark August 7-15, 2021! The registration to the event is expected to open around Easter 2021.

Header photo by Hegedüs Márton