The Steps of a Magis Circle

The Steps of a Magis Circle

After some silent time the Magis Circle starts with a participant who is ready to share and then moves on in a clockwise direction. Participants share one at a time and the others listen to them very carefully without disturbing and commenting.

The Magis Circle consists of the following elements:

Opening prayer. The Magis Circle can be started with the Magis Prayer.

Silence. The silence at the beginning is a conscious look back to notice the most important moments of the passing day. We recall special moments of joy, sadness, hardships or surprises. This short reflection is like sifting gold from between many grains of sand.

Circle 1. We start our sharing about simple thoughts and impressions: How was this day? We talk about events that have moved us positively or negatively and about our reactions. We concentrate on answering the question: what were the highest and lowest points of the day?

Circle 2. In the second circle we answer questions about the topic of the day and focus of the morning prayer. How were these elements present during my day and what reactions did they trigger in me? This is the dialog between the Word of God and the reality in our lives. We also share how we discover God’s presence in ourselves, in our activities and relationships.

Circle 3. Finally, in this third round we can share what moved me the most when other participants were speaking. We can also add something to our previous sharings. This circle can show us how we influence one another. It is a more open sharing circle and commenting is welcome. (However, it should still be done in order to complement or add to an opinion rather than create a discussion.)

Circle 4. We try to sum up our current feelings and express them with just one word or expression.

Closing prayer. The Magis Circle can be ended with a short prayer or song.

Short description of the Magis Circle

The Magis Circle starts with the Magis Prayer.

After a moment of silence please share on these questions:

Circle 1 How was this day? What were the highest and lowest points of the day?

Circle 2 How was the topic and focus of the day present in me over the course of the day?

Where have I discovered God's presence?

Circle 3 What moved me the most about what other people shared?

Circle 4 I try to express my feelings with just one word or sentence.

The Magis Circle ends with a short prayer or song.