The 5 Pillars of MAGIS

Every day has a similar structure:

  1. Morning prayer. Each day we have a simple prayer consisting of about 15-20 minutes of silent personal meditation on the Word of God. Every prayer has a different theme and specific focus which helps the morning encounter with God and is the base for all activities during the day. The different themes of the prayers are linked to one another and guide us on our spiritual pilgrimage during the entire MAGIS program.
  2. Activity. The necessity of cooperation on the one hand and the challenges of communication on the other (around 12-20 people from different countries in each group) create a creative tension that is characteristic of MAGIS experiments. It is this tension that leads us to leave our comfort zone, so that we come to know ourselves better through concrete daily events. Inspired by the Word of God in the morning prayer we can broaden our ways of communicating and acting, which leads to greater inner and outer freedom. Depending on the type of experiment, the activities are very different from one another.
  3. Eucharist. The Last Supper, Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection reveal God whose very nature is to give love beyond measure. The Eucharist is a celebration of the presence of the good and loving Father, who, through Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit, gives himself fully and entirely to us. By celebrating the Eucharist we too can be with the Father and give Him all we live and all we are through the offerings of bread and wine. The Eucharistic transformation touches our lives. Our actions and relationships become those of God.
  4. The daily Examen. Saint Ignatius gave us a unique method of prayer, which leads to greater closeness and unity with God. Each day is full of different meetings, experiences and impressions. Some of them move us more deeply and cause joy or sadness, enthusiasm or disappointment etc. The daily Examen seeks to focus our attention on these internal movements and helps us to distinguish which ones bring us closer to God, and which lead us away from Him. The Examen is a daily practice of building the relationship with God. (link to Examen)
  5. MAGIS Circle. The Magis Circle consists of around 8 people from different countries. It is a sharing circle where participants speak about their daily experiences and respectfully listen to the others’ sharing. During these circles there are no right answers. In an atmosphere of trust and respect the Magis Circle becomes a special place to share our deepest feelings and strongest experiences. Participating in the Magis Circle might not always be easy, but it is a very good way towards true growth. (link to steps)