Support us

If you want to support this project, you can do it in several ways:

  1. Involvement in formation and volunteer activities.
  2. By donating your time for advisory purposes (we need experienced lawyers, economists, communicators, translators).
  3. By sharing useful contacts through which we can ask for donations (financial or material such as water, food, sweets, kayaks, art items, carriers, etc.).
  4. One-time or regular donations, since the registration fees can cover only a third of the total project costs. Payment can be made on IBAN: HR3323400091110694643 with payment description: Donation Magis22 or you can donate with Paypal on the following link.
  5. Most important of all: prayer!

The choice is great and regardless of age or status, each of us is called to contribute to this endeavor to support our young people in times of crisis and be a light of hope throughout Europe.