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Origins of Magis

MAGIS is an international adventure and a spiritual exercise for young people (aged 18-35) from all over the world who are interested in Ignatian spirituality.

What is Magis?

MAGIS was originally a summer event attached to the World Youth Day meetings and from this developed year by year in different parts of Europe and the world. It also inspires groups of young people who desire to follow the MAGIS spirit during their daily life throughout the whole year.

MAGIS helps you to grow in your personal relationship with God and with others in an international context. You get to know yourself better and also come closer to God’s wonderful creation. The center of the MAGIS program is Jesus Christ, and the purpose of every event is to help you meet Him, experience His unconditional love for you and the world and discover His presence in your everyday life.

A MAGIS event usually consists of two parts: Ignatian experiments in smaller groups (15-25 people) and the Festival at the end, which unites all MAGIS participants. The program is organized by the Jesuits in collaboration with female Ignatian congregations.

Made by Diva drawings

Made by Diva drawings

What does MAGIS mean?

The Latin word ‘magis’ can be translated as ‘more, better, fuller’. Saint Ignatius of Loyola used this word to describe how authentic Christianity fosters a deeper connection with Christ and more zeal in serving others. This is the ‘more’ of MAGIS.

From this perspective, the ’+’ (plus) sign in the logo can also be interpreted as the Cross – the symbol of divine love to the very end. MAG+S shows us the Ignatian way towards a fuller life.