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And “until we meet again”, may God hold you in His hand. Have a blessed Holy Week!

Dear Magis Friends,

We are in an exceptional Holy Week. Everybody is at home. All around Europe “normal life” has totally changed during the past weeks. We hear news about the increasing numbers of people infected by the virus and also the growing numbers of death. Many people are losing their jobs, and insecurity is growing everywhere.

On the other hand we can also see signs of hope. People realize what is really important in life. There are heroic examples of solidarity. People turn to God to find a deeper meaning for their lives. It seems that the Lord is present in a vibrant way among us: the cross of Christ is among us, but so is the Risen One.

We wish you all to be able to meet Him in depth during this Holy Week, Him – the Crucified and Risen Lord, and become His companions more and more. We wish you that you can unify your crosses with His Cross and experience His consolation.

Many of you probably have one big question regarding Magis Europe 2020: will it be possible to organize an international event like this one in August? To be honest with you, the outlook is not at all good. According to experts the epidemic’s saturation in Hungary will take place in June and after the peak it will still take months to return to “normal” life. And what will this “normal life” after the epidemic look like anyway?

We decided to wait with the decision about Magis Europe 2020 until the end of April. If there will not be a big turn (which could probably be considered a miracle), we will have to cancel the event. We would like to ask for your patience and prayer until that.

For those who have already paid their fee: please note that if Magis 2020 has to be cancelled due to the global situation and/or (inter)national regulations, their participation fee will be fully refunded. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

And “until we meet again”, may God hold you in His hand. Have a blessed Holy Week!

Best regards,

the Organizing Committee of MAGIS 2020

Header photo by Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash