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"There is no way to tell... you have to try it!" - new testimonies from Magis people

A few days until summer and just more than two months until the long-awaited Magis event - count the days with us and with some more Magis memories. Get inspired and apply to be a part of Magis! And do not forget to share and invite your friends:)

Réka, Hungary

"For me, magis means meeting. Meeting with myself, with my borders, with my inner world, meeting with the outside world. Observing the topic of focus, meeting my peers, and meeting other participants and also the experiment itself. I meet God (not only) in the liturgy, I meet the experience of others in the Magis circle if I don’t fall asleep. Openness and experiencing the new or experiencing the old in a new way. For me, this is magis. But why would I recommend it, I can not tell… you have to try it!

I can’t even pick the best experience, there are plenty of moments that come up.

Let me share one story that makes me smile (although there are countless more):

That night, when we arrived in Stara Wies (a hidden Polish village where only Jesuits live), during the Magis circle I almost fell asleep. We didn’t pick a person who will wake everybody up the next morning. That was a mistake because Gyuri Hiba SJ and Zoltán Koronkai SJ (the Hungarian organisers) undertook this noble task. I think I can imagine a more pleasant wake-up experience than hearing a Hungarian folk song at full blast rather shouted than sung. If I had a better aim surely I would have rewarded this performance."

Balázs, Hungary

I took part in MAGIS in 2019, Lithuania. It was my first MAGIS, and I chose to have the pilgrimage experiment. After the Camino, it was named the Pilgrimage of Trust. My greatest experience was an evening when the group leaders tried to find accommodation for the group of about twenty people without organizing it beforehand. Actually, we got the accommodation from the first person, and since we were in the countryside, we could have our sleep on a haystack. Since there was no shower there, we had our bath in the closely located river. As we returned, the married couple also shared food with us: fresh cow milk and many potatoes, honey, and vegetables. And on the next day, they would not accept any money for their hospitality.

Photo by András Kretzer

Why would I recommend MAGIS?... There are a lot of reasons. For me, being close to God in an international team is in itself a great possibility. Still, the uniqueness of MAGIS, in my opinion, is that every experiment has a limited number of participants (approximately twenty), so you can build closer contact with the others. At first I also did not know what MAGIS was about, but I suggest that you have trust! It is worth it."