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Story: Why I choose MAGIS- From Jerusalem to MAGIS.

My first project was to make a pilgrimage towards Jerusalem so you may ask what links to Magis Europe?

Hi ! I would like to share with you how I've decided and how much I enjoy taking part to Magis Europe. My first project was to make a pilgrimage towards Jerusalem. Nevertheless covid came and you all know what followed... Restrictions, closed borders... It was only one year ago. You may ask what the link is with Magis Europe. Indeed I've decided to take this setback as the "cannonball" of St Ignace. I had joined a Magis team in France three years before and I do appreciate the Jesuit spirituality. It helps me daily to faith in God. These last years there were nevertheless a lack of communion and collective experience in my life. I may have too much favoured work. Therefore I would like to live a strong spiritual experiment and I'm convinced I will find it this year in Croatia with Magis. I believe Magis Europe will allow us to share something beautiful, something great, something good together.

I hope I will see you there !

Salomé from Bordeaux, France