Application to Magis Europe 2021 is now open

It is time to create your very first Magis account! Well, unless you have yours from last year - then you only have to check whether your personal information (name, email, etc.) are okay. With your account, you can already apply to the summer event! How to do so? See more in the article.

You might have noticed that a new button appeared in the top row of the website: you can finally 'Apply' to Magis Europe 2021! First, you have to create an account on the website. By answering a few simple questions about yourself (what is your name, nationality, age, etc.) your account is set up. We ask you to provide a consecrated referral person who we contact to confirm that this Magis event is the right program for you: your account will be activated when we send you an email that we have contacted your referral person.

Until then, explore the experiment choices on the website! After your account is activated, you can send your application to the event. The application deadline has passed, but there are still a few places: the door is still open until there are vacancies. This is also where you can apply for financial support if you feel the need.

After you will have applied and set your preferred experiments, only one step remains to finalise your application: participation fee payment. In order to avoid any risk of unnecessary payments, we work out a payment scheme that is best and safest amidst all these uncertainties. Anyhow, no payment is going to take place before the summer.

The pandemic situation is still challenging in Central Europe but by creating your Magis account you join us in our hopeful stance towards August. Stay safe, and please also join us in prayers for Magis and for the world!