Magis Europe Prayer

Pray for Magis with the prayer of Magis Europe 2021

The Magis event of 2021 is less than one month away, and while we are expecting it with all our hearts, many of the circumstances that influence it are not under our control. Join us in prayers for Magis Europe 2021 so that it can be a spiritually and personally enriching experience for all its participants while being completely safe from the pandemic.

Magis Europe 2021 is actually a type of an Ignatian youth retreat in an international and communitarian environment.

We are asking your prayer not only for that the Magis be a successful event (it is a real challenge to organize such an international event in covid times) but it could reach its goal: the young adults could experience the love of God in depth, deepen their relationship with Jesus and each other. They could return to their homeland filled with a missionary spirit and dedication to serve others.

Please pray for this intention, offer your prayers, eventual sufferings. You can collaborate with us in a very effective way.

Jesus, you call us; renew our heart so that we come to know you better, grow to love you more intensely, and follow you more closely.

Jesus, you gather us; help us to see ourselves, our brothers and sisters, through your eyes, deepen in us the joy of belonging to Your community.

Jesus, you send us; lead us, your Companions, to where we are needed so that we can create a world of fraternal love.

Saint Ignatius who walked ahead of us, pray for us.

Please pray, and if you wish, you can also financially support us!