Split walking tour

Sunday 30th of July in the afternoon we'll take a walking tour of the ancient Split

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The tour of our Lady's Islet

Sunday 31st of July we'll be at the islet of our Lady

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Field trip to Salona

Saturday 30th of July in the early morning we'll take a field trip to ancient Salona

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Story: Journey on the Baltic Sea with God

When I was first asked by a Jesuit to come along to MAGIS in the summer, I was more than everything else very hesitant. What would await me there? What would the other participants be like? How do I even get to the location?

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Experiment: Liturgy and art of Greek Catholic church

What do you know about Greek Catholics?

If you want to learn more about it, you should come to KriĹževci, one of the oldest medieval towns in northern Croatia.

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Experiment: Castles of Karlovac county

Join this experiment if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and castles of Karlovac on foot.

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Experiment: Culture and civilization of Islam in Bosnia

This experiment takes us across the borders of Croatia, to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo. It is a place where several different cultures meet in a small space, bringing their art, customs, food and residents of different ethnic and religious affiliationts.

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Experiment: Living stones: The Cathedral of St. Mary

Let the cultural and monumental heritage of Zadar surprise, delight, inspire and invigorate your life.

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