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Online MAGIS experience for autumn and winter months

As we are heading towards the end of this difficult year, and cherishing our hope to be able to meet in person next summer in Hungary, we offer online Magis-experience for you to reflect upon throughout these autumn and winter months. The following videos from our online Magis 2020 meeting may help you develop experiments of your own: feel free to use them according to the situation you are currently in.

You can find here a package of spiritual proposals, from which you can choose elements according to your possibilities and desires. Choose an offline mini-experiment for one or more day(s) during the week. Please take a look at the opportunities, here is the list of MAGIS 2020 mini-experiments.

We gladly announce that MAGIS Europe is set to take place offline in 2021 from August 7 to 15!

The experiments (August 7-13) are going to be held in parallel in each participating European country, joining the prayers and activities of MAGIS youth from all over the continent.

The closing event (August 13-15) is planned to take place in Miskolc, Hungary, gathering participants from neighboring countries to experience and rejoice in our communion in God. For those who can not travel to Hungary, online ways of participating will be available. MAGIS 2021 reflects on the Saint Ignatius year that marks the 500th anniversary of the conversion of Ignatius - showing that God’s grace in him remains fruitful to this day.

So mark August 7-15 2021 for MAGIS in your calendar and stay tuned as further details are to follow. Be safe and God bless!