Magis summer events all around Europe

As Magis Europe 2021 is over, we have plenty of gifts to be thankful for. Not the least for other Magis events earlier in the summer in Lithuania and Romania. Get to know their story as well!

After almost a year of uncertainty as to what this summer might hold, it turned out to be quite eventful in terms of Magis events. We are happy to let you know about three of them not too far away from each other in Europe: Magis Lithuania in July, Magis Romania in the first week of August, and... Well, we hope we do not have to introduce Magis Europe in Hungary and Slovakia to you, but do not be afraid, we are going to share plenty of memories, experiences and stories from this event as well.

Make sure you do not miss out, check out plenty of photos already on our facebook page and witness Magis history in the making!