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MAGIS Europe 2022. – 375 participants tasted and relished the beauties of Croatia

MAGIS Europe 2022, which this year was hosted by Croatia, has officially ended.

MAGIS Europe 2022, which this year was hosted by Croatia, has officially ended. As the motto of this year’s programme says, “sentir y gustar”, 375 young people who belong to different european jesuit communities, have tasted and relished the beauties of Croatia, the local population, the community in which they found themselves, and in all of this they sought the good of God.

The first part of MAGIS consisted of the experiments that were taking place at the same time in 29 different locations across Croatia, BiH and Serbia. After that, on 29th of July, they all gathered together in Split. Meetings and sharing the experiences from which they came, joint Eucharistic adoration, dedication to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, sightseeing in Salona and Split, on foot and by bicycle, swimming, basketball and dancing, a party on the roof of the "Campus Dr. Franjo Tuđman", are just some of the events. which marked the last three days. The solemn end of MAGIS was a Holy Mass in Solin, on Sunday July 31, presided over by Jesuit Provincial Father Dalibor Renić.

In his sermon, he reflected on what each of the participants will take home.. The first thing is the fact that God was at MAGIS and it is God who encourages us, pushes us forward, calls us to action. The second is the desire to keep fighting because God calls us to the fullness of life, the wealth within. The struggle between security and entering into insecurity is constant, if we want to grow and be always new in God. The third is that we are all part of the community, the Church, brothers and sisters in Christ.

P. Tomislav Špiranec, president of the Magis Association and commissioner for youth ministry HPDI, at the end thanked everyone who helped in the preparation and implementation of MAGIS and once again encouraged all participants to take responsibility for their lives and encourage themselves for a marriage or religious vocation.

At the press conference on Saturday, July 30, p.Renić mentioned that the value of MAGIS is in connecting the Jesuit communities in our province, in Zagreb, Rijeka, Opatija, Split, Dubrovnik, Osijek, Belgrade and Sarajevo, but also with other communities all over the Europe. Sharing experiences is especially valuable because our young people are part of a larger Jesuit community that operates throughout the world.

At MAGIS there were also three Portuguese who are the hosts of the next MAGIS. The leader of their team, Fr. Sam Beirao, said at the conference that he was grateful for this experience, especially for the sentence he often heard: 'You will see'. This made him aware that, despite all the plans, unpredictability and difficulties in experiments, as well as in everyday life, are frequent, but God always makes sure that what is needed happens.

Perhaps the picture will be clearer when the impressions from this year's program settle down, but almost hundred volunteers who participated in the organization of this MAGIS are witnesses of the desire and will for such experiences and even more discovery of the wealth of our country.