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Magis Europe 2021 Guide for Participants

With less than a month until the Magis meeting we feel more and more vividly that it IS going to happen! We have around 150 confirmed participants from all around Europe - and even some from outside the continent. Hopefully we can admit some of you from the waiting list as well, so in August the Magis meeting will look as we hoped and dreamed with over 200 of us meeting at the Closing Festival of Miskolc. Until then, we are here to navigate through the steps in order to get here and help you with all you need - in this article with a list of helpful questions and answers in regard of travel, preparation, insurance and more.

Do I need an immunity certificate or a „Covid-passport” to participate?

The Organizing Committee of Magis Europe 2021 made the decision to follow the active pandemic-related local regulations in every aspect without imposing extra rules. Under current regulations this means that you do NOT need an immunity certificate to participate: you have to make sure you can enter the country (with vaccination, immunity from recovery or a negative test result), but then there are no additional requirements. Please not that this might change – if accommodations in Hungary will have to ask for an immunity certificate by law, we will have to conform to that! We will keep you up to date in case of change by mail.

How can I enter Hungary and Slovakia?

Travel within the EU is more convenient now due to the EU Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC). The EUDCC can be applied for at your national health organization – please get it to make sure you avoid quarantine upon arrival! Also, keep an eye on the national regulations which may vary between Hungary and Slovakia. Read more on the Reopen-EU website.

What preparatory steps should I make before Magis 2021?

In this year it is more important than ever to have a proper health insurance for the event. The EU Health Insurance Card is a very good option for this that covers most of the possible risks, please have it with you in August! Apart from that, make sure you bring all the necessary items written in the description of your experiment on the website and in the emails that the organizers of your experiment send to you.

At the Closing Festival you are going to have the chance to present something about your country together with your all the participants from your country. If you can bring along something (e.g. a musical instrument) that helps with this, please do so! Also, do not forget to pray for Magis.

How do I get to the location of my experiment?

First, let us mention that three of the experiments (Playing together, Spiritual retreat and Walking in God’s presence) spend the night of 7 Aug in Budapest and set out to their location together next morning. Otherwise, for travel in Hungary you can find information and tickets for trains at and about bus+train schedules at

How can I get to know the people from my experiment?

We already set up the mailing lists where you can communicate with fellow experimenters, but feel free to use any other forums to discuss the topics you would like to!

Can I plan my journey so that I travel together with other people from my country?

Sure! We encourage you to join the event on Facebook, so you can discuss this and similar questions with fellow Magis people.

When does the Closing Festival finish and how should I plan my journey home?

The program finishes at Miskolc around 1PM, the 15th of August. We arrange bus transfer to Budapest city centre right afterwards, if you are interested, please indicate it in the participant-form that we are going to send it to you soon (or sent already). The Miskolc-Bp buses on Sunday afternoon are not part of the central budget, we ask for a 10 EUR price from you if you travel with us. Of course, feel free to organize your trip home separately if you wish! You can find the webpages for travel in Hungary above.

I can only be there in time for Magis 2021 if I arrive a day before to and / or leave Hungary a day after the official dates (7-15 August) of Magis. Can I ask for help in accommodation?

Yes, we arrange accommodation in the Saint Ignatius Jesuit College in Budapest for 6 and 15 August for those who need it. If you wish to take this possibility, please indicate it in the aforementioned form and bring a sleeping bag and sleeping mat – the environment is going to be welcoming, but simple. If you have extra needs (wish to stay more nights, or more comfortably, etc.), we gathered a list of hostels for you as alternatives:

Full Moon House

GoodMo House

Meininger Budapest:

Maverick Hostel Budapest:

Header photo by Daniil Silantev