MAGIS 2021

Magis Europe 2021

We gladly announce that MAGIS Europe is set to take place offline in 2021 from August 7 to 15! Read more for updates on the event.

After the online programs of last year we are finally on the way to an offline Magis Europe event in 2021. The experiments (August 7-13) that include pilgrimage, spiritual exercises, service of the poor and more will take place in Hungary and neighbouring Slovakia.

The closing event (August 13-15) is going to take place in Miskolc, Hungary, to experience and rejoice in our communion in God. MAGIS 2021 reflects on the Saint Ignatius year that marks the 500th anniversary of the conversion of Ignatius - showing that God’s grace in him remains fruitful to this day.

So mark August 7-15 2021 for MAGIS in your calendar and explore what awaits you in the summer. The registration is expected to open around Easter, until then: be safe and God bless!