MAGIS Day, August 8, 2020

This year’s MAGIS has definitely been different. We knew that this will be the case, but we have organized the online MAGIS event and the MAGIS Day, according to our new motto: “in spite of everything”. We share two personal reflections.

The organising committee has gathered together early in the morning in Budapest, where we have started the day with a live Facebook video from a railway station: this way, the one-day journey got started both in a spiritual and physical manner. After the journey, we arrived at the Jesuits’ headquarters at Miskolc, where, after some refreshment, we started being together with some games.

Although most of the team had already known each other, it is always interesting to get even closer to our teammates through the warm-up games of how/who are you or feeling to be a part of a team with some community exercises. But the day ahead of us was more than just playing: one of the most important tasks to be arranged was the shooting of the MAGIS promo movie. As always it is a great opportunity to let the creativity out, have fun together, and make something that can grasp the attention of people who could not be with us in person. Nevertheless, we have also been with them, as an Examen was held at noon. After lunch, the time of silence arrived. We had a couple of hours for finding God in nature, trying to feel him and sense him through all our senses. During this time, we also had the possibility to have a spiritual conversation or to confess. For the media and the musical teams, this contemplation time was a bit shorter.

They both had important roles in the forthcoming event. The online mass was one of the highlights of the day, into which people could join live from all over the world. In his homily, Father Zoltán Koronkai emphasised that Christians have to be contemplative Christians – and this is even more important among new circumstances we have to live in. After having dinner, the official part of the day was closed with the online MAGIS circles. It was touching to see all 36 people from 17 countries came and shared their ideas with others they had not even seen before. After the MAGIS circles, the organising committee could watch the promo movie of the day and spent some spontaneous time together. Certainly, this year’s MAGIS has been different, but the team is together, and we hope and pray that in ‘21, which is the new ’20, we will be able to organise this wonderful event, as we planned. Hope you will be there, too!

Renczes Balázs

And a comment on the online experience from Syria

Thank you for this exciting opportunity to participate in this Magis circle tonight. I'm so delighted and happy in this circle

Thanks to all Magis staff and all fathers

God bless you

Salloum Tatros

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