"Magis changed my life" - testimonies from Magis people

With less than hundred days remaining until August 7, the start of Magis Europe 2021 we have our eyes set to meeting you. Read these personal experiences from previous years, let them inspire you and come to Magis Europe "to see all things new in Christ"!

Csilla, Hungary

"I was at a Magis meeting in Budapest. My best experiences were the dance meditation occasions, during this I was able to combine two of my favorite activities at the same time (the prayer and the dancing). The city game and the flashmob in front of St. Stephen's Basilica were also a great experience. The daily masses also gave a lot.

I recommend it to others because through the various experiments that can be chosen, everyone can find the right service for them, in which they can meet God and work with their fellow human beings. It has helped me deepen and live my faith. It was good to meet people from other cultures / countries and see how they live their faith and experience that we are all one family through Jesus."

Fruzsi, Hungary

"Thanks to God, I joined Magis in my early years and since then I’ve participated almost every year and now I am one of the organisers. Magis has become an important part of my life. It’s difficult to highlight a specific moment, as it is also impossible to list how many things I have received over these years: friends, community, experiences, self-knowledge, the joy of life and last but not least an increasingly diverse relationship with God.

Photo by Kretzer András

The MAGIS events were never the same, somehow they always became exactly what I needed at the time, let it be a deepened interior retreat, teamwork, a challenge or the completely unpredictable unknown. The spiritual background was always there, always keeping me. Why do I recommend it? Because Magis changed my life."

Csillag, Hungary

"I was at Magis two times in Budapest and in Miskolc. Both occasions were not just an encounter with young people my age who were living their lives similarly with God or seeking a deeper relationship with God, but also a deep spiritual recharge. Each experiment week I participated in a Taize experiment where we discovered the presence of God through the music and songs and his infinite love for us.

In addition, there were a number of other programs, hiking, cultural evenings with folk dance, presentations and conversations. The meeting in Budapest remains deep within me, the organizers put everything on the line for us. I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend the MAGIS twice."