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Magis 2022 is Officialy starting: WELCOME TO MAGIS!

The biggest summer adventure has begun! 🥳 370 young people participate in 29 different experiments all across Croatia with the grand finale in Split! 🇭🇷🔥

Our goal? To help youth choose what brings them closer to the purpose they are created for and through different activities they taste God's endless love.

Throughout the week some of them will drive bikes and kayaks, hike, sail through Jadran, live a simple summer by the sea, get to know their amazing talents, work and pray with Benedictines , visit castles and - much more!

Look what God does with them this week, share and like, and join us in prayers for them and all those to whom they are sent to serve, meet, love! ❤️

Sentir y gustar how good He is 🤗