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Magis 2021 and Covid news - June

With less than two months until the start of Magis Europe 2021 we can be grateful that the Covid situation changed for the better in Europe. This allows us to have a genuine international Magis experience, but we have to be in accord with state regulations. Hence, participants are required to be vaccinated at least with the first dose by the end of July. Here are the details.

After a nervous springtime we are relieved to see that the pandemic situation is steadily getting better in European countries. After almost a year of strict regulations regarding travel, Hungary is opening up in the summer which means we can safely say that Magis Europe 2021 is going to take place for real this year!

Though not all of the regulations expected for the summer are yet in action, but after 1 July there is going to be an EU Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC) that makes travelling much easier. With the EUDCC you will be free of quarantine after crossing borders. There is an additional list of countries whose national vaccine certificate is recognised by Hungary: Serbia, Montenegro, Bahrein, Croatia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Mongolia, Republic of Moldova and Slovenia.

That being said, the accommodations we are in contact with have an additional regulation: they require an immunity certificate. So the rule for participation is: you need to have at least your first vaccine shot before August (and a certificate of that) or you have to have recovered from Covid-19, certified by the EUDCC.

We still ask for your prayers for the world in this difficult situation, and also please pray for Magis!

Organisers of Magis Europe 2021

Header photo by John Benitez