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Magis 2021 and Covid news - March

As spring comes and Easter approaches we can contemplate both on God's creation and His resurrection to reinforce our hope amidst the troubling third wave of Covid in Europe. The situation in Hungary and Slovakia is far from optimal, but the organization of Magis Europe continues. We ask that you join us in prayers for the possibility of a virus-free, international and genuine Magis summer experience.

These days in Hungary new restrictive regulations have been introduced because of the Covid situation. Although the vaccination rate in Hungary is one of the highest in Europe the number of infected people is growing rapidly. The third wave of Covid is strong in Hungary and also in Slovakia - the other location of Magis Europe 2021.

Nevertheless, we are continuing to organize Magis Europe 2021 as an international event despite the many uncertain factors. We hope that during summer the situation will allow for a complete personal Magis experience. Last summer it was possible to move at least among the neighboring countries in Central Europe. We hope that with the vaccination the situation will be even better this summer and will allow a real whole European participation.

We are monitoring the situation and trying to find appropriate solutions for Magis Europe 2021 summer event.

We encourage all of you to get vaccinated, as Pope Francis also suggested: "I believe that morally everyone must take the vaccine", "It is the moral choice because it is about your life but also the lives of others."

We also ask for your prayers for the world in this difficult situation, and also please pray for Magis!

Organisers of Magis Europe 2021

Header photo by John Benitez