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The Logo

Pictures can express more than a thousand words, so here are a few about the logo. The Magis Europe logo with its circular shape includes the Eucharist, Adoration and unity. See what are the symbols in further text.

The Hungarian team created it in view of the Eucharistic Congress that took place in Budapest in 2021. The Magis Europe logo with its circular shape includes the Eucharist, Adoration and unity. The focus is on the center. As the circles get closer, they become one. This symbolizes how people come here and come to God, thereby becoming one with each other and one with God.

The golden/yellow color stands for the Body and the red color stands for the Blood of Christ.

You can also see the logo as a “YOU ARE HERE” sign on the map – meaning this is your place, this is where you are supposed to be. It is not just a circle, but a point, and it says: this is where we are waiting for you! This is your place. It’s just like trail blazes on the trees, giving you a sign that by registering for Magis you are on the right track for getting higher, more, closer to God. This is magis!

If you want to know more about the IHS Monogram that is in the logo, keep reading this text from https://www.ancient-symbols.com/ :

The IHS Monogram is a Greek abbreviation of the name of Jesus Christ. It appeared for the first time in the third century and consists of the first three letters of IHΣΟΥΣ, which are often transliterated into IHC or IHS. The abbreviation became so widespread that it appeared on the coins of Emperor Justinian II (669-711 AD). During the ensuing centuries, the IHS Monogram started appearing as a symbol in addition to an abbreviation. It gained popularity in the fifteenth century when Saint Bernardino of Siena advocated it as a symbol of peace. In 1541 St. Ignatius Loyola adopted an extended version, this one surrounded by the sun and decorated by three nails, as the seal of the Jesuit order.