Keep pray keep calm stay fit stay home

Keep pray, keep calm, stay fit, stay home!

Maybe these are our most important deeds as we go through these days. We all worry about ourselves, about our loved ones and about what the next day may bring to us. But it will be over sooner or later, so don’t be afraid, just believe! Even in time of hardship, God is there for us!

And here we are, caring for one another as well! Our team has come up with the amazing idea of a Magis Crisis Calendar to make the best of the upcoming weeks.

As we count down to the birth of Jesus during Advent, we are counting down to the end of this crisis. But instead of chocolate and small presents, we give you fun ideas to spend your time. Follow us for we publish new content everyday. There will be dance lessons, movie recommendations, new recipes to try and many different things.

So come, join us! Have fun and search for blessings! And please, do not forget about the following four little, but crucial things:

KEEP PRAYING! When there is little we can do, prayer is our greatest weapon. God is eager to hear our prayers and help us. Pray for the whole world or the countries in the worst situations or those who are the most endangered.

KEEP CALM! It’s hard when a global crisis is knocking on your front door. But panicking won’t solve anything. It only makes things worse. Make peace in your mind and heart, make peace in your surroundings.

STAY FIT! Make sure you stay healthy. Be aware of what you eat and drink, work out if possible and wash your hands. It’s easy to put these things aside when there are bigger problems and everyone is stressed out. But try to take care of yourself as well.

STAY HOME! Yes, please do! It’s the best way to keep yourself and others safe. Try to avoid physical contact. By this we can avoid catching and spreading the disease. We have to try our best to stop the virus so we may be able to celebrate God’s glory together at MAGIS in August.

Author: Sever Borbála