"I draw from these experiences to this day" - more testimonies from Magis people

It is almost summer and we have just two and a half months until Magis Europe 2021 begins. Relive the memories, get inspired and apply to be a part of Magis! And do not forget to share and invite your friends:)

Gergő, Hungary

"I first heard about Magis in 2014 when I was in high school, and already in that year I applied for an experiment in Miskolc, where we played with children on the local playground. We played a lot of football with the guys, we kicked the ball so much that almost every day we had to go back to the store to replace it.

I was touched by the children’s hunger for love, the determination of the local social workers, and I often draw from these experiences to this day. Our team soon became a community, even though we came together from many countries in Europe. The deepening of our faith was helped by the daily mass and prayers. I still have the tingling that I felt after our busy day, I remember the faces of the children who waited for us every morning. I still carry in my heart the deaf little boy with whom I could only talk through drawing. After these days, we met all the participants at the closing event. At a gala show, I had the opportunity to witness our service, it was a cathartic experience."

Vanda SA, Austria

"I first attended a Magis meeting in Cluj-Napoca almost ten years ago. Since then, I have been to the meeting in Budapest and Prague, and we have also set up a Magis group in Graz a few years ago and we meet regularly.

My greatest experience with Magis is that despite our differences we are all one in following and serving the Lord, as linguistic, cultural and other obstacles fall down and they are transformed into a diversity that enriches us.

I would definitely recommend it to those who want to deepen their relationship with God, want to exercise attention to Him in different situations, who like to be among people, build relationships, express and live their faith with others, and who are open to various challenges and willing to experiment."