Magis poster A4

Fresh Magis look - check out and spread the word!

Winter months have not yet passed but summer is already on our minds: check out the new poster of the Magis Europe 2021 event! Also, if you have special Magis memories, this is the time to share the enthusiasm, find out here how.

Although the registration for the summer event is not yet open, we are getting prepared for the season with this new sky blue poster.

We hope the Magis sweaters and the happy faces bring back your favourite Magis memories! If so, this is the time to share with us and help spread the word about Magis Europe 2021. Send a few thoughts on what Magis means to you to either written or in a video message in a similar style to the video below.

We plan to share your thoughts on our platforms in a preparation to the summer to invite more people to join us and to increase the Magis spirit during these challenging months. Until then, keep safe and God bless!