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Experiment: Culture and civilization of Islam in Bosnia

This experiment takes us across the borders of Croatia, to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo. It is a place where several different cultures meet in a small space, bringing their art, customs, food and residents of different ethnic and religious affiliationts.

It's important to study the culture through traditional food, so that is why on our visit to traditional restaurant on menu you can find burek, pies, čevapi in Baščaršija, baklava and coffee with rahatlokum.

In the tekke, they will introduce us to dervish dance, which in Islamic culture encourages the unification of spirituality, dance, music and listening. We will also read fables from Mensevia by the Persian poet Rumi whose works are considered the most beautiful verses of Islamic mystical culture.

If you come to Sarajevo for an experiment, you will have the opportunity to visit the mosque, local museums and walk to the source of the river Bosna, which is a real pearl of nature near the city.

Local communities, cultural societies and people who encounter the customs and way of life brought by Islam in their daily lives will try to bring us closer to the topic of Culture and Civilization of Islam in Bosnia.