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Experiment choices for Magis 2022

Little by little, the puzzles of a great story called Magis 2022 come together. Which one of these calls you by your name?

After revealing the Prayer and story behind the Magis Logo, we encourage you to start preparing for this year's Magis with this list of all the experiments.

Among the almost 40 experiments that are being held throughout Croatia this year, we believe that you will find exactly yours. The experiments are, as usual, divided according to 5 different characters: spirituality, art, service, society and culture and pilgrimage. For now, you can decide on most of them by name, while more detailed explanations of each one will follow in the upcoming news. So do not miss to find out what lies behind these intriguing names.


  1. Simple summer
  2. Maybe (even) a Jesuit?!
  3. Pray and work
  4. Living at sea
  5. Dancing with God
  6. Spiritual exercises in silence


  1. Music: Taize
  2. Living stones: Church of st. Ignatius of Loyola
  3. Living stones: The Cathedral of St. Mary
  4. More than calligraphy
  5. More than iconography
  6. Arts and spirituality of monasteries at NP Krka
  7. More than filming


  1. Diversity of Telašćica
  2. Horse therapy for children
  3. PP Kopački rit: Working crew
  4. Children camp
  5. Jesuit refugee service
  6. More than birdwatching at Vransko jezero

Society and culture

  1. Revealing the gift of me
  2. Scouts of joy
  3. Folk missions
  4. Once upon a time in Poljica
  5. Culture and civilization of Islam in Bosnia
  6. Liturgy and art of Greek Catholic church
  7. Culture and customs of Mediterranean
  8. Liturgy and art of orthodox church
  9. More than Split


  1. Castles of Karlovac County
  2. More than cycling
  3. Walking with Ante Gabrić SJ
  4. More than hiking at Velebit (capacity filled)
  5. More than hiking at Medvednica

Booklet from brand assets

Booklet from brand assets

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