A pilgrimage of a lifetime cr

A pilgrimage of a lifetime

Luca Turcsányi has shared a short story about her experience at MAGIS 2019 in Latvia.

Last year I spent one of the most defining 10 days of my life with great people in the wilderness of Latvia. I attended a pilgrimage called “Blue Lake”, and as it was my first one, it was a strong start... On average we walked 26 kilometers a day in storm and sunshine, with hiking backpacks of 12 kg. Our physical exertion was so hard that this human being had the opportunity to examine everything related to her own body: which parts are weaker, which are stronger, which are hurting (and which parts would hurt later…). Besides, daily spiritual input provided space for growth. In this experiment, I was able to observe how I behave in specific situations, what pain unveils of me, how others help me, and how I, in turn, can support my companions. I experienced levels of patience and acceptance that we practiced towards each other that I would never have dreamed of... We became a “family in hardship” without even realizing it. And yet, there was always someone out there if you needed encouragement, water or just a hug. I'll be forever grateful for this experience! :-)

“Open up your personality and the world will come into you. Open up the world you have become and wholeness flows into you. ”

(Sándor Weöres)

Author: Luca Turcsányi