Your opinion matters - MAGIS online 2020

We are thinking of organizing a few activities depending on the future participants' preferences. Please, fill out this short questionnaire and mark your preference until 15 June. We will take it into consideration while preparing the programme of the online substitute meeting on 8 August.

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Magis Europe 2020 Rescheduled to 2021

A month ago Hungarian Jesuits and their friends were full of hope about organizing this year’s Saint Ignatian youth festival, Magis Europe 2020, despite the current global pandemic. Although their enthusiasm is the same, and the situation seems to start getting better slowly, the central team of Magis 2020, in accordance with the experiment leaders of the meeting, decided to cancel – or rather, postpone –the event.

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And “until we meet again”, may God hold you in His hand. Have a blessed Holy Week!

Dear Magis Friends,

We are in an exceptional Holy Week. Everybody is at home. All around Europe “normal life” has totally changed during the past weeks. We hear news about the increasing numbers of people infected by the virus and also the growing numbers of death. Many people are losing their jobs, and insecurity is growing everywhere.

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Keep pray, keep calm, stay fit, stay home!

Maybe these are our most important deeds as we go through these days. We all worry about ourselves, about our loved ones and about what the next day may bring to us. But it will be over sooner or later, so don’t be afraid, just believe! Even in time of hardship, God is there for us!

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Magis Europe 2020 and the coronavirus situation

As you are aware, the current global coronavirus situation does not allow us to plan ahead. We are keeping up with the latest news and try to adapt to the current situation as well as we can. Please, read this article for important updates!

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Your contribution matters!

No matter how big or small, every contribution to make the world a better place counts tremendously.

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A pilgrimage of a lifetime

Luca Turcsányi has shared a short story about her experience at MAGIS 2019 in Latvia.

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See you in Hungary! Magis Europe 2020 application opened

As summer is approaching, there are more and more details revealed about this year’s Ignatian youth festival held in Hungary, Austria, Romania and Slovakia. In January, we sent reports about the launch of the event’s website ( and that the registration process to have begun; February saw the revealing of the various experiments the gathering will offer; and now the latest news is the opening of the application from 1 March to 15 May.

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