"Magis changed my life" - testimonies from Magis people

With less than hundred days remaining until August 7, the start of Magis Europe 2021 we have our eyes set to meeting you. Read these personal experiences from previous years, let them inspire you and come to Magis Europe "to see all things new in Christ"!

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Application to Magis Europe 2021 is now open

It is time to create your very first Magis account! Well, unless you have yours from last year - then you only have to check whether your personal information (name, email, etc.) are okay. With your account, you can already apply to the summer event! How to do so? See more in the article.

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Magis 2021 and Covid news - May

As May comes and still in the Easter Season we can contemplate both on God's creation and His resurrection to raise our hopes for the summer. The Covid situation in Hungary and Slovakia is gradually getting better with a decreasing third wave and an increasing number of vaccinations. So the organization of Magis Europe continues. We ask that you join us in prayers for the possibility of a virus-free, international and genuine Magis summer experience.

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Fresh Magis look - check out and spread the word!

Winter months have not yet passed but summer is already on our minds: check out the new poster of the Magis Europe 2021 event! Also, if you have special Magis memories, this is the time to share the enthusiasm, find out here how.

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Magis Europe 2021

We gladly announce that MAGIS Europe is set to take place offline in 2021 from August 7 to 15! Read more for updates on the event.

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Online MAGIS experience for autumn and winter months

As we are heading towards the end of this difficult year, and cherishing our hope to be able to meet in person next summer in Hungary, we offer online Magis-experience for you to reflect upon throughout these autumn and winter months. The following videos from our online Magis 2020 meeting may help you develop experiments of your own: feel free to use them according to the situation you are currently in.

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MAGIS Day, August 8, 2020

This year’s MAGIS has definitely been different. We knew that this will be the case, but we have organized the online MAGIS event and the MAGIS Day, according to our new motto: “in spite of everything”. We share two personal reflections.

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MAGIS Europe 2020 Online

Hello Magis people. Welcome to Magis Europe 2020 Online. You can find here a package of spiritual proposals, from which you can choose elements according to your possibilities and desires. We invite you to exercise them during 1-9 August or another time.

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