Dance with God

During the dance, you have no sense of time, no sense of earthly and material worries, you just dance.

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Announcement: Magis Europe 2022 in Croatia

Prepare your calendars and save the date for the next Magis Europe event!

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See all things anew! The story of the long-awaited Magis Europe 2021

It's been a long year's wait, but it was well worth it! All the lifting experiences and all the joyful gifts opening us to the deeper still echo in our hearts after the wonderful nine days we got to spend in Hungary and Slovakia for Magis Europe 2021. Read and find out how it all happened.

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Magis summer events all around Europe

As Magis Europe 2021 is over, we have plenty of gifts to be thankful for. Not the least for other Magis events earlier in the summer in Lithuania and Romania. Get to know their story as well!

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Magis Europe 2021 is underway - explore and connect!

White T-shirts with a red Sun, people together in prayer or service - that's right, after two years of waiting the Magis Europe event is truly happening! Check out the story and join from wherever you are!

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Magis Europe 2021 Guide for Participants

With less than a month until the Magis meeting we feel more and more vividly that it IS going to happen! We have around 150 confirmed participants from all around Europe - and even some from outside the continent. Hopefully we can admit some of you from the waiting list as well, so in August the Magis meeting will look as we hoped and dreamed with over 200 of us meeting at the Closing Festival of Miskolc. Until then, we are here to navigate through the steps in order to get here and help you with all you need - in this article with a list of helpful questions and answers in regard of travel, preparation, insurance and more.

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Pray for Magis with the prayer of Magis Europe 2021

The Magis event of 2021 is less than one month away, and while we are expecting it with all our hearts, many of the circumstances that influence it are not under our control. Join us in prayers for Magis Europe 2021 so that it can be a spiritually and personally enriching experience for all its participants while being completely safe from the pandemic.

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MAGIS 2021 Solidarity Fund

MAGIS 2021 Solidarity Fund was set up to provide financial help for participants who are in need, in difficult situations or don't have a regular income to pay the participation fee. We would greatly appreciate it, if you could support our MAGIS 2021 Solidarity Fund by making a donation and then sharing it with your network. Be part of someone's summer experience.

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