Magis Western Europe 2014 Ireland

The summer of 2014 witnessed multiple Magis events. A group of 120 young people from all over Europe gathered at Ireland from 6 to 17 August to receive the "many gifts of the one Spirit".

Everybody travelled light, just bringing the most important things: sleeping bag, some clothes, toothbrush and toiletries, singing voice, dancing feet, generosity, questions and openness to God. After arrival, the participants gathered at Gonzaga College SJ, Dublin. For the first three days they attended some talks and workshops on faith in God and different aspects of the Christian life. The first Magis circles took place and there was a nice amount of free time to just hang around and make some new friends.

The theme was “Many Gifts, One Spirit”. The Holy Spirit was definitely with the participants, gifting them with memorable meetings with God and each other. But the Holy Spirit always sends us to a new place, thus began the experiments.

One group went to Clonmacnois in County Offaly for an “Ora et Labora” experience: praying, working and creating with your head, heart and hands.

Two groups did pilgrimage walks. One walked from Dublin to Glendalough and the other walked from the Marian shrine at Knock to the holy mountain called Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo. Yes it rained! But the dog loved it…

One group had an eco-experience in Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow. Co. Wicklow is so beautiful it is known as the Garden of Ireland—a good place to learn about living in harmony with God’s creation.

Finally, a group went to Galway and volunteered at a shelter for people who don’t have a place to live. It was a powerful experience of seeing people who we often choose not to see.

These are the basic concrete details of Magis 2014. The more important details of the 120 inner journeys that happened that summer cannot be fully described here. You have to join Magis to experience it!

There was a collaboration with Magis in Hungary (19-27 July), the two event had common theme: “Many gifts one Spirit”, homepage and facebook page.