Magis Prayer

Magis Prayer

All MAGIS events have a short prayer which helps to summarize the theme and the grace of that particular MAGIS.

Prayer of Magis in Panama 2019:

Lord Jesus, Eternal Word of the Father, by whom all things were created and in whom all that exists finds fulfillment.

Moved by compassion and from the very bosom of the Trinity you exclaimed "let humankind be redeemed". And you wanted to be here among us, emptying yourself, taking the form of a servant and bearing our suffering. To transform the history and fate of humanity, you overcame with your death and resurrection every sin and even death itself. From all regions of the world, we make this pilgrimage with enthusiasm and joy to encounter you in Central America. In the diversity of languages, people and nations, we unite in our shared faith and hope given to us by your Spirit. We have heard the call of our Eternal King to follow you in an intimate and permanent communion; to work with you and in your likeness to build a world of true fraternity, justice and peace.

Grant us the ability to hear your word and move us to action with our heart forever inspired by you. In the midst of so much noise and division, help us to embrace your word deep in our hearts. May your word bare fruit in our lives, just as You, the Living Word, were born in the womb of the Virgin Mary. Transform our lives as You, Incarnate Word, transformed the course of human history.

Give us the grace of mercy as we contemplate the life and reality of the Central American people who welcome us, and the grace of finding you in so many faces and situations we will encounter as we walk in this blessed land.

Filled with your Spirit, may we also be your living words that we communicate with our closeness and work, bringing comfort, joy and hope.

Making us your instruments in the transformation of our world and in the construction of a new, reconciled and peaceful society.

We ask this of You through your love for us and through the intercession of your blessed Mother who is also our mother, and through our brother, Blessed Óscar Romero.


Header photo by Kretzer András