Magis Network

The MAGIS experience is not limited to the summer - the MAGIS network consists of groups of young people all over Europe maintaining the MAGIS spirit all through the year.

The World Youth Day meetings inspired not only regular summer MAGIS events, but also groups of young people who desired to follow the MAGIS spirit during their daily life throughout the whole year. These communities build a Magis network in different countries of Europe.

These groups and communities serve mainly as a space for university students and young professionals to share and deepen their faith. Depending on the local situation the everyday life of the communities varies greatly; some meet every week and others every two weeks; there are communities that use the rooms of pastoral centers, others that are linked to a parish, and even some that meet in the houses or flats of their members. In some cities the communities may have hundreds of young people, but in others there is only a small group of 10 to 20 young people.

Beyond all these differences, all MAG+S groups have in common the desire to live their faith in community. By sharing life with others, through meetings and celebrations, experiences and projects, they discover how Jesus Himself becomes present among us and how His Spirit can fill us with joy and invite us to a deeper commitment. MAG+S is an inclusive identity that grows out of Ignatian spirituality.

These communities seek to foster the conditions that support deep, life affirming experiences:

  • Follow Jesus
  • Share in community
  • Go out into the world
  • Be of service others

These experiences are a chance to slow down and have a profound look at ourselves, through the lens of service, prayer, or crossing cultural lines.

These groups usually have the following practices:

  • Spiritual Exercises
  • Ignatian prayer and examen
  • Spiritual Direction and discernment
  • Service and social engagement
  • MAG+S Circle
  • Formation
  • Celebration

Online presence:

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