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Magis Myanmar 2019

The Second National Magis Myanmar 2019 was a gathering of students (youth) from all Myanmar Jesuit institutes and parishes in the country. There were 130 young men and women hailing from all the sixteen dioceses of Myanmar.

In order to build the three pillars of Magis, Spirituality, Companionship and Service, in the lives of the Magis youth, the mega-event lasted from 11 th to 18 th April. The first three days were spent learning about Ignatian spirituality, the challenges of today’s Christian youth and the Church. Cardinal Charles Bo SDB was one of the speakers. He spoke about the “The Church and the Youth.” Thus, the pillar of Spirituality was laid strong and firm by talks, sharing (Magis circle) and reflections.

Ms. Ellin Khyu Khyu said, “Magis Circle (faith-sharing) is a sacred moment to share about one’s journey of life. Through the sharing of my companions, I also learned that everyone has his/her own joys and sorrows.” Mr. Alexander stated, “Initially, I thought what a waste of time doing Examen twice a day. Nothing is new in life. However, during the immersion, I came to realise how the Examen has helped me to know more about myself and how God spoke to me through people.”

The climax of the programme was the Ignatian immersions. The participants were divided into twelve groups and were sent for pilgrimage (95 kms), live-in experience with the rag pickers, the orphans, the differently abled people and the lepers.

Ms. Emily Khon San testified, “We had to beg and pick garbage for three days. Only during this immersion, I realised the importance of food. I regretted the times I wasted food. Now, I know how people are starving in this world.”

Mr. Peter Seng Dan also added, “We have ignored and neglected the rag pickers in our society. We thought that they are dirty people. Indeed, we are the dirty people polluting the environment. On the other hand, the rag pickers clean every bit of our dirt. These three days have changed my attitude towards them. Plus, in future, I will be careful about my own waste.” Emily and Peter were sent to be rag pickers in Ayetharyar and Taunggyi respectively. Ms. Rosalin Ja Seng shared, “When I first went to the leper’s colony, I was scared. While cleaning their wounds, and bathing them, I wanted to run away. Later, I remembered how St. Francis Xavier had served the sick the people in the ships and the coastal areas of India. I felt that I am serving God’s people like the saints.”

Ms. Rosemary Mouk Saing Sey narrated, “Looking at how the differently abled people were helping one another. They taught me that we have much to share our talents for others. I also got the grace of generosity and empathy. I learned that how God has blessed me abundantly.”

Mr. John Nyi Nyi, “Three days of pilgrimage taught me to completely trust in the providence of God. Never in my life, had I surrendered my life to God’s will. I also understood and experience the meaning of ‘Thy will be done…..Give us this day, our daily bread.’ Mr. Alfred shared, “During the Mass, the priest often says, ‘The Lord be with you!’ Often, I was anxious and wondering who would give us meal or shelter. I prayed with my sweat in the scorching heat of the sun and under moonlight. Each moment of the pilgrimage, I experienced the Lord was with us and walking with us.”

Ms. Eaindra Nwe summarised her experience, “I am a Hindu and yet do not believe much in my God. Now, I am given hope and courage to believe in my God and become a better Hindu. Though, I am not a Christian, I could feel Jesus through you. Everyone we have met during our immersion is Jesus for me.

They showed us love, the love that Jesus wants to live…” Maria San May shared, “I have attended several local and national youth camps in our country for the past ten years. Proudly, I can say that MAGIS is different from others. The speciality of Magis is that they teach about the stark reality of life. It has a great hope in the power of youth by sending us to the world. Thank you for trusting us.”