MAGIS Poland 2016

Magis History

When returning from a World Youth Day celebration, some Jesuits and students from their school thought about how they might use this opportunity to do something more. In 1997, during the WYD in Paris, the French Jesuits organized a few days’ pilgrimage for Ignatian youth from different countries.

Three years later, the Ignatian youth meeting was repeated during the WYD in Rome, together with the Horizon 2000 pilgrimage.

In 2005, in Cologne (Germany), the project was institutionalized and got its name ‘MAGIS’. Motivated by Ignatian spirituality, a full program with a varied range of experiments followed by a Festival was developed. The idea for “experiments” (latin: experimentum) comes from the formation of Jesuits. When St. Ignatius began his friendship with God, he was inspired to do many things. He travelled a great deal, spent long periods in solitude, entered in deep and serene prayer, served the sick at a hospital, catechized children, spoke about spiritual matters to people he met etc. These situations centered on prayer and reflection clearly helped him grow in faith and his ministry to others. Drawing on his experiences he wanted every Jesuit to discover something similar, so experiments were introduced into the Jesuit formation. This was the inspiration for experiments also in the MAGIS program.

In 2008, in Sydney (Australia), MAGIS adopted the spirit of the meeting in Germany and took another step in consolidating the already existing format.

The MAGIS scenes of 2011 were Loyola and Madrid (Spain), where 3,000 young pilgrims from 50 countries of all five continents participated. With activities in the Sanctuary of Loyola, home of St. Ignatius, the young adults were sent to more than 100 experiments. With the MAGIS in Spain, a definitive step was taken to establish the meeting as a recurrent proposition for Ignatian youth in the world.

In the years since MAGIS spirituality became more widespread among Ignatian youth. The Magis network consists of groups that are active throughout the whole year, while summer events became an annual occasion for young people to meet and engage in various experiments inspired by Ignatian spirituality. Below you can find the list of all the European and worldwide events from the beginning to the present day: