Magis Europe 2020 Hungary - Online

The year 2020 was special from many aspects - naturally the year's Magis event was influenced by the unfortunate Covid situation. The result is a very special edition of Magis Europe with various online experiments you can participate in anytime and anywhere, and the closing weekend condensed to a single Magis Day in the August of 2020.

Initially planned to take place in Hungary and its neighbouring countries Austria, Slovakia and Romania, the MAGIS Europe 2020 event was relocated to the online space in the spring of 2020 - in the hope that an offline Magis event in 2021 is possible. The organisers answered the challenge by creating several online experiments that kept the Magis spirit alive through the pandemic. The typical number of participants in each mini-experiment was around 50-100 (that is the number of viewers for the experiment videos).

"Inspite of everything" an offline Magis Day was organised on August 8, 2020 at the city of Miskolc, on the weekend of the initially planned Closing Event. With the possibility to join the Magis Day online, the event connected almost 200 people from all over Europe and also from other continents at its central program, the celebration of the Eucharist. In the evening the participants had the opportunity to reflect on their Magis experience of the closing day and the mini-experiments. Almost 50 people from 17 countries participated in 6 Magis circles, putting a memorable end to this special event.

Read more of MAGIS Europe 2020 by exploring the program of the week, and also the prayer and the motto, both related to the - likewise postponed - 52nd International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary.