Magis Central Europe 2018 Poland

During Magis Central Europe 2018, 15 different experiments took place in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Magis Central Europe 2018 accommodated around 150 participants mainly from Europe but from other continents as well. The experiments took place from 14 to 20 July in different countries of Central Europe. The different experiments in Pilgrimage, Spirituality, Culture, Arts and Service reflected on the call that Peter and the apostles heard: follow me! Be it pilgrimage in Poland, Lithuania or Hungary; recreating the stories of the Bible in the Czech Republic; sounding Taizé music in Slovakia or taking part in the rehabilitation of addicts in Latvia, all experiments helped participants to follow Jesus more closely in their everyday life.

A particular inspiration of Magis Central Europe 2018 was the example of the patron saint, St. Stanislaw Kostka. He heard the call of Jesus and followed him literally by walking thousands of miles at the age of just 17, against the will of his parents. The way he followed the desires of his heart on the path to holiness invited all participants to explore the desire towards God planted in their hearts.

The wrap-up meeting took place at Łódź, Poland. From 20 to 22 July participants from various experiments met and exchanged their stories and the fruits and gifts of the previous week.

Logo of Magis CE 2018.

Logo of Magis CE 2018.