Magis Central Europe 2017 Czech Republic

During Magis Central Europe 2017, 16 experiments took place in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Young Ignatian people from all over the world attended Magis Central Europe 2017. Together with the staff, there were around 250 participants from 19 different nationalities. The experiments took place from 14 to 20 July in 15 different places of Central Europe. The different experiments in Pilgrimage, Society and Culture, Social and Environmental Service, Spirituality, and Art all connected to the central theme of the event: being Contemplative in Action. From icon painting through learning about and acting for God's creation in nature to raising a smile by spending time with elderly and disabled people in their rehabilitation all of the experiments helped participants to immerse deeper in Ignatian spirituality that is active and contemplative at the same time.

Closing festival

On 20 July everyone from the various experiments travelled to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic for the Closing Festival. The opening evening began with a blessing from father Jan Regner, SJ for the upcoming days. Then the program continued with a dance evening with an opportunity to learn some Czech folk dances and also listen to folk music performed by a folk band from Hradec Králové.

On Friday participants were invited to listen to and then join with their own questions a panel discussion on the topic: „Contemplative in action and what comes next?“. Father Waldek Los, SJ from Poland, sister Dorothea Gnau from Austria, and mister Danas Viluckas from Lithuania shared their experiences with being contemplative in action in their own lives.

The weekend passed with spiritual and recreational activities: an evening for reconciliation, a game to discover Jesuit history in Prague and the Festival of Nations, where participants shared the cultural treasures of their home country with each other.

Find out more about Magis CE 2017 in this article on the European Jesuit website, and also on the official Facebook page of the event. You can also find a lot of pictures here.

Logo of Magis CE 2017.

Logo of Magis CE 2017.