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MAGIS 2022

Welcome to MAGIS Europe 2022! The main purpose of MAGIS is to draw you closer to God, more to your own authenticity and highly involved into the community.

Once-in-a-lifetime experience at MAGIS Europe 2022. is happening from July 24th to 31st, 2022.

Organized by the Croatian Jesuits (with the help of other Jesuits and sisters from several congregations), MAGIS is a summer program for everyone between 18 and 35 who wants to have an extraordinarily great experience with people from all over Europe (sometimes other continents too) and of course, with God!

Based on Ignatian spirituality, the MAGIS event has two parts: the Ignatian experiments and the closing event. Everything you do during MAGIS intends to help you grow spiritually and as a human being (while having lots of fun, of course). During the experiments you will be encouraged to experience yourself in a new way: you’ll find yourself in unusual situations, maybe requiring you to go beyond your comfort zone. You’ll probably realize that teamwork is essential while making friends with people from many different countries and discovering that we all belong to one international community of human beings.

The experiments (July 24-29) will take place in Croatia, neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Everyone will participate in one of the 36 experiments grouped into the following categories: pilgrimage, spirituality, service, arts, culture and ecology. For the closing event (July 29-31) in Split (Croatia), all participants from all experiments will gather and celebrate the ending of Ignatius' year.

The event will be held entirely in English and in order to fully enjoy MAGIS it’s importaint to:

  • have a sufficiently high level of English

  • create an account on this website by clicking on the 'REGISTRATION' button in the top row

  • explore the experiment choices

  • read a guide through the steps of the application process (article coming soon).

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at magis22@jesuits.eu.