Magis 2013 Brazil

MAGIS 2013 began in Salvador on 12 July with about 2,000 youth participants from 50 different countries and linked to the Society of Jesus as students, alumni, or with the youth ministry. The participants were invited to live the pilgrimage and the missionary experience. Through these experiences they were challenged to come closer to our neighbors, guided by a desire to love the world and communicate the love of God to it.

The young pilgrims were sent to a variety of frontiers: geographical, cultural, social. They experienced part of the life and reality of Brazilian life and population: the social, environmental, cultural, spiritual, educational, ethnical, urban and rural questions, among others. They were challenged to be a meaningful presence in the world, in the life of the people they will meet, in the places they will be sent to.

From 12 to 15 July, they gathered in Salvador and from there, they were distributed to over 40 different locations in Brazil, from the well-known capital cities to the remotest, in order to participate in social, cultural, and ecological experiences. They met again in Rio de Janeiro on 22 July to join the activities of the World Youth Day.

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