Magis 2011 Spain

Around 3000 young people participated in this year the MAGIS meeting, which was divided into three different geographical and pastoral stages: the Ignatian gathering in Loyola, the experiments throughout Spain and Portugal, and the WYD at Madrid.


The first stage took place at the Shrine of Loyola during the 5-8 of August. Pilgrims were welcomed in a unique setting which prepared them for the experience they are about to start. The autobiography of S. Ignatius set the theme of each day and guided the young people on their spiritual journey.

The gathering concluded with the Holy Mass presided by the Fr. General of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, which was also the sending point for the pilgrims to the various places where they had their experiments.


The experiments (more than 100!) took place in different cities of Spain and Portugal during the 9-15 of August and were formed by three linguistic subgroups. Through the experiences young people had the opportunity to discover Christ, with the help of S. Ignatius, in places and people where they never had imagined so they could start building bridges in the world and cooperating in His mission of reconciliation.

This stage concluded with the incorporation of all the MAGiS participants to the WYD in Madrid.

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