Mag+s in Slovakia

The MAGIS community in Slovakia began after World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011 which was preceded by a Magis programme. Every international Magis programme is supported by five basic pillars: Ignatian meditation, activity (service), the Magis circle (sharing), celebration of the Eucharist and the Examen prayer. These five pillars were applied to weekly small group gatherings in Bratislava following the return from Spain.

As of 2021, the MAGIS community in Bratislava consists of approximately 60 members, divided into four smaller communities (MAGIS 4, MAGIS 5, MAGIS 6 and MAGIS 7). There is one additional community outside Bratislava: in Trnava. Gradually, a four year formation programme was set up which systematically develops each aspect of Ignatian spirituality, applicable to everyday life.

A retreat day for young adults each month is just one of several activities organised by the MAGIS community in Bratislava. Monday’s “Mass at Eight” for young people takes place in the Jesuit church of the Most Holy Saviour – a popular location for celebrating the Eucharist.

An important event is “MAGIS cottage”, a weekend gathering at the Jesuit cottage in the Trlenská valley near Ružomberok in northern Slovakia. This takes place approximately five times a year. Equally important are summer spiritual exercises.

MAGIS hosts an InYgo ball for young people during the carnival period. Gradual efforts to form a new community of families – the so-called MAGIS FAMILY Community – are currently underway.