MAGIS 2021

Letter of Recommendation from the European Jesuits

We all know the fruits of the organization of the MAGIS programme on the occasion of WYD (World Youth Day). In Europe, thanks to the initiative of the Provinces of the Central European Assistancy, such a proposal is made every year.

What an opportunity it is, in an international context, to allow young people to be immersed in Ignatian spirituality through the well proved pedagogy of the “experiments” and to be accompanied and helped to discern their life issues.

This MAGIS programme deserves to become more and more European and to be really called MAGIS EUROPE!

Here I refer to an extract of the testimony of Pascal Calu (ELC), now

working for his Regency in the communication team of the General Curia of Rome:

“This MAGIS 2019 was my 5th participation, the first as a Jesuit. Every time, I've seen miracles. Young people, sometimes far from the Church, who (re)discover God in their lives and return home, full of joy and enthusiasm for the Good News, ready to "set the world on fire". I myself first thought about a religious vocation at MAGIS 2011… I cannot stress too much the importance of an event like MAGIS in today's Europe where it is often very difficult to live your faith as a young person. In Western European contexts this is very difficult especially because of secularization and the simple fact of meeting young people with authentic faith changes a lot.”

I am therefore eager to encourage all the Provinces of Europe and the Middle East to make young people aware of this great opportunity as we are called to “accompany” them (2nd Universal Apostolic Preference) and to “show the way to God” (1st Universal Apostolic Preference).

I thank Father Zoltán Koronkai and the Hungarian Province for being the main organizers of MAGIS Europe 2021.

Franck Janin SJ, President of the Jesuit Conference of European Provincials