Magiseu21 pilg

Hungarian Camino Benedictus experiment

This experiment with the 'Pilgrimage' character was one of 11 choices for the participants of Magis Europe 2021.

This experiment is a walking pilgrimage from the thousand-years-old Abbey of Pannonhalma through the silent valleys of the Bakony mountain with the peaceful Monastery of Bakonybél to the majestic Abbey of Tihany that looks over Lake Balaton, ‘the Hungarian sea’ since 1055. Inspired by the millenium-long prayers of the Benedictine monks and by the richness of God’s creation in hills, forests and lakes we are called to open our hearts to Him who sustains all by His love. The means of walking, spirituality and special prayers (e.g. silentium) help us to do so.

Mostly we will walk 20-25 km per day on hiking paths and hills (partially mountainous terrain), bringing our backpacks with us. We will have simple accommodation with shower facilities and meals are provided mainly by local monasteries and communities at different places along the way. Upon arrival we plan to bathe in Lake Balaton to recover from the long journey so bring some swimming clothes as well!