Finding God in caring for our common Home Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

Green Magis

In the spirit of the "Laudato Si" encyclical of Pope Francis one of the preferences of the Magis event is to care for our common home as it is the creation of our God. Find here some practical advices that can help your participation in accordance with this aim.


Travel by train or bus; avoid flights, if it is possible.

If you must come by car, share your car with other participants.


Bring your sleeping bag and mat with you.

Bring your own water-bottle, handkerchief and towel, ecofriendly soap and shampoo.


Eat local, seasonal, package-free food – as far as possible.


Bring your smartphone with you to receive information electronically.


Strive to produce zero waste. Read our article about it here.

If you can’t avoid waste, recycle or compost it, if it is possible.


Participate in programs enhancing your ecological awareness.