What is an experiment?

Inspired by some life events/ experience of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (pilgrimage, service in hospitals, prayer etc.), the Jesuit formation offers intense periods of time for a deep experience of God, inner transformation, self knowledge, serving others.

MAGIS offers a number of various experiments to choose from, each of them has a special character: Pilgrimage, Spirituality, Service (Social or Environmental), Society and Culture, Arts. These activities are designed to make you aware of the importance of teamwork, to give you a sense of international community and to expose you to unusual situations which contribute to your human and spiritual growth. In the experiments we create new relationships as a group (5-40 members) of very different individuals, engaging in unusual circumstances. We invite God to form these relationships, in particular during the morning prayer and the Eucharist.

We plan to have 37 experiments. The places of experiment will be in Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia. Unless stated otherwise in the experiment description, the participants have to arrive at the place of the experiments, they will receive exact information about the details. At the end of the experiments Magis organises the travel to the place of the closing festival (Split, Croatia).


Service (Social or Environmental)



Society and Culture