MAGIS Europe Online 2020

What is an experiment?

Inspired by some life events/ experience of Saint Ignatius of Loyola (pilgrimage, service in hospitals, prayer etc.), the Jesuit formation offers intense periods of time for a deep experience of God, inner transformation, self knowledge, serving others.

Due to the unexpected circumstances, we planned to organize mini-experiments. Transform your Day into a MAGIS Day from 1st until 9th August, try one or more Magis mini-experiments. Choose an offline mini-experiment for one or more day(s) during the week.

Basic structure of a mini-experiment:

  • Scripture
  • Focus
  • Prayer for the grace of the day
  • Exercise
  • Reading

Please write and share with us your MAGIS experience! Send pictures, videos, reflections to and we will publish some of them on our Insta and Facebook channels and on the MAGIS Europe website. Follow us on YouTube as well!