Wooden Churches

Wooden churches


Wooden Churches is a pilgrimage experiment designed as a journey of discovering the tradition of the Eastern Church. The pilgrimage will take you through the special countryside of Slovakia in its North-East corner. The region is typical for the architecture of wooden Greek-Catholic Churches and for the ethnicity of Ruthenian people who live there in a very simple and quite poor rural setting. Apart from the pilgrimage in wonderful nature, you will enter the world of the Eastern-Catholic tradition of the local people. You will meet parishioners and married Greek-Catholic priests in order to learn more about their way of pastoral care for families. You will visit around ten churches, and will learn to sing a part of the Byzantine liturgy in each church (English text with Easter-Slavonic melodies). The experiment will also have a social aspect to it: you will meet two gypsy communities and get an insight into the Orthodox-Catholic controversy which is part of the region’s reality.

Special Requirements

Capacity to walk (10-15 km per day)

Necessary items to bring

  • sleeping bag,
  • sleeping mat,
  • hiking boots,
  • rucksack,
  • jacket,
  • rain poncho,
  • plastic dining set


  • Fr. Jaroslav Mudroň SJ
  • Samuel Jackanič SJ


Svidnik, North-East Slovakia