Walking with Ante Gabrić SJ

Walking with Ante Gabrić SJ at Metkovic


This experiment will combine two things: the spirituality of missionary Father Ante, as well as the tradition of the Neretva region. Along with pilgrimages to Borovci, the mountain Rujnica, Međugorje, mouth of Neretva river - Ušće and Marin vijenac, participants will get to know the cultural heritage. One day Cultural - Artistic Group Metković will have a song and dance workshop, then Rowing Club Jerkovac will organize a mini boat marathon for participants in traditional vessel, we will visit the birth house of Father Ante, as well as museums: archeological, natural history and the cave in Predolac.

For those who do not know, father Ante Gabrić is a Croatian catholic priest, Jesuit, missionary, servant of God who worked closely with Mother Theresa. If you aspire to be pilgrims and missionaries, then it is best to follow in the footsteps of our father Ante.


Special Requirements

Some trekking experience and proper physical condition

Capacity to walk to 20 km per day with small backpack

Necessary items to bring

  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping mat
  • hiking shoes
  • rucksack (max 10 kg)
  • rainproof clothing


  • Petra Krstičević


Pastoral center of Ante Gabrić in Metković