Walking pilgrimage through the wonderful landscapes of Transylvania

Walking pilgrimage through the wonderful landscapes of Transylvania


This experiment is a walking pilgrimage to Csíksomlyó (Șumuleu, Romania), which is a sacred place and a very popular Marian shrine. We will walk through the natural reserves with nice forests, valleys, and hills, while experiencing the different tastes of the Transylvanian landscape. We will also visit lovely villages, wonderful churches and some local communities. Each day, we will walk a relatively long part of our way in silence. However, it is possible and recommended to have spiritual conversations with your spiritual director. While this pilgrimage offers a deep spiritual experience, you can also be sure to have lots of fun.

Most of the days we will walk 15-20 km on hiking paths and gravel roads on the hills with our backpack. Therefore, some trekking experience and a good physical condition is required.

The group will meet in Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureș). The next day we will travel to the place of departure of our tour, from where we will walk to Csíksomyló (Șumuleu). From there we will travel together to Miskolc.

Special Requirements

  • Prayerful, positive attitude.
  • Some previous trekking experiences.
  • Capacity to walk 15-20km per day with back pack.
  • Spoken English.

Necessary items to bring

  • sleeping bag,
  • sleeping mat,
  • hiking boots,
  • rucksack,
  • jacket,
  • rain poncho,
  • plastic dining set


  • Sr. Bajkó Julianna sa
  • Sr. Hadnagy Margit sa
  • S. Szász András SJ
  • Fr. Petrovich László SJ