Spiritual exercises – retreat in silence

Magis Spiritual exercise experiment in Püspökszentlászló


The experiment means ‘the classical’ spiritual retreat of Saint Ignatius, where the participant prays with the Holy Scripture and with nature, and has a personal conversation once a day with a spiritual guide. Every day we celebrate the Eucharist, have Eucharistic Adoration together and a short teaching session (some input about prayer). We remain in silence during the whole retreat to get more focused on our contact with God. The silence leads us to what is really essential: to get in touch with God and experience His love.

Special Requirements

  • Desire for God
  • Previous experience of at least a weekend retreat – to feel if you’re capable of being silent
  • Desire to pray 3-6 hours a day
  • Good command of English (the common program will be in English, in the personal guidance meetings we also offer other languages: Hungarian, German, English, Italian, French and Romanian)

Necessary items to bring

  • comfortable clothes,
  • walking shoes,
  • a waterproof jacket,
  • flip-flops,
  • appropriate clothes for a retreat,
  • Bible in your own language,
  • paper notebook


  • S. András Csaba SJ
  • Sr. Erika Tornya RSCJ
  • Sr. Bajkó Julianna sa


Püspökszentlászló Hungary, at the bottom of the heart of Mecsek.