Spiritual exercises in silence

Spiritual exercises in silence at Naked island


Naked Island is an unusual place to retreat to spiritual exercises. Apart from the cruel nature expressed in the name itself, Naked island was marked by the cruel history of man. But, precisely in such an area of ​​material and spiritual desert, there is free space to enter into a relationship with the living God. Participants meditate every day accompanied by spiritual directors and that way:

  • the former camp becomes a place of liberation for many participants in the exercises,
  • the ground soaked in suffering becomes a place of prayer and compassion for camp inmates who suffered here, a place of hope for a new life,
  • the once torturous desert has been transformed into an oasis of reconciliation.

Special Requirements

The desire to do spiritual exercises in silence, without a cell phone in the humble conditions of a former prison

Necessary items to bring

  • Sleeping bag
  • Plate, fork, knife, spoon (camping ones)
  • Flash light
  • Notebook and pen and wristwatch so you can know the time for your spiritual conversation
  • Don't take suitcase, you wont be able to carry it for 20minutes walk on a rocky way to come to the prison. Backpack is necessary.


  • Jelena Grbešić
  • Sebastian Šperanda


Abandoned prison on Naked island