Revealing the gift of me

Society and Culture
Revealing the gift of me at Prvic


This experiment tries to answer on two important questions: who am I and what should I do to make the best of me. In order to find these answers, it's necessary to look a bit deeper. Using various questionnaires, individual and group activities and games, our team of trainers will help you gently reveal the beauty of yourself and others. We’ll talk about personality, talents, values, our differences and our silver lining. And, of course, of finding a way to share that great gift to others and use it to build and create our society.

This experiment will be held on Prvić island. So besides diving into yourselves, you’ll have time to dive into beautiful Adriatic sea

Special Requirements

Willingness for introspection and communication

Necessary items to bring

Swimming suits


  • Robert Crnko


In old convent next to the Church of Mary of Grace